“When We Talk About…”

Paintings and Drawings by Maria Naidyonova

When We Talk About…
Hudson SuperMarket and Leo Kuelbs Collection are proud to present, Berlin-based artist, Maria Naidyonova’s second program at the MeatLocker Gallery, “When We Talk About…” Obsession, love, solitude, observation and varying degrees of togetherness are contemplated and presented in a selection of over a dozen new drawings and one new painting. “When We Talk About…” takes place in the formerly frigid confines of the MeatLocker gallery: a fitting setting for this set of shimmering works in shades of white, gray, black and silver.

Meat Locker Gallery
Leo Kuelbs Collection 
310 Warren St
Hudson, New York

Saturday, November 25th, 2017
5-6 pm

Through January 4th, 2018